The Ice Cream

Born in Brooklyn, NY, USA, and paving the way to the UAE is a crazy good ice cream that lives up to expectations that you have always wished for. Imagine that your favorite companion to a Netflix binge didn’t have all those calories and guilt. The Brooklyn Creamery ice creams are 50% fewer calories and 60% lower fat, with no artificial colors, or sweeteners. The future of ice cream is already here, and that means you don’t have to compromise, eat less, or restrict yourself. So grab a spoon, or a fork, we don’t judge, and taste the next generation of ice cream for yourself!


Our Flavours

Available in 120 ml @ Rs 65 and 480 ml @ Rs 250

Brooklyn Bridge Butterscotch

Chocolate Fudge Brownie


Caffe Mocha

Holy Moly Mango

Pina Colada

Sea Salt Caramel

Soho Berry

Summer Strawberries

Sweet Cream Vanilla

Tutti Fruitti