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We all know ice cream is the perfect dessert.

So why is something that goes with every food and every mood, restricted to the occasional treat? “Too many calories, too much sugar!” is what you’ll say. But what if there was a way to #HitTheSweetSpotEveryday with ice creams that are healthy? “There’s no such thing as a healthy ice cream.” you’ll groan.
Or is there?

Everyone knows that Millennials and Gen Z today more than ever, care about foods that fit their lifestyle- good to taste, good for their body, as well as good for the ‘gram. And while this may have affected dessert choices in the past, it is no longer the case today, thanks to The Brooklyn Creamery.

Initially a small brand in Brooklyn, New York, The Brooklyn Creamery today is an international, healthy ice cream brand, and we’re on a mission to make our guilt-free ice creams available across the globe!

Headed by Shivaan Ghai, the fourth generation of the Ghai family that pioneered the ice cream industry in India, The Brooklyn Creamery offers a vast variety of premium ice creams that not only taste great, but are also guilt-free.

Shivaan, who struggled with borderline obesity in his childhood, was determined to create a brand that would help consumers enjoy guilt-free indulgences regularly. He always thought it was difficult to find healthy alternatives to desserts, which was something he wanted to change. And so began the eventful journey of The Brooklyn Creamery!

Today, we offer a wide variety of products tailor-made for a variety of lifestyles- we have a Keto-friendly range, a High Protein range, a Vegan range, and a Low Calorie range. So no matter what your lifestyle, there’s something here for everyone. Each of our products contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or colors…making it the perfect way to indulge in your favourite desserts without feeling any guilt!

The Brooklyn Creamery has expanded to seven countries around the world since 2019. The brand has a strong presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India. In India, the brand has a stronghold in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Cochin, and Ahmedabad.

As more people choose healthier lifestyles, we are confident that we will continue to match evolving consumer preferences. And we’re excited to have you join our journey, too! So welcome to the healthiest, tastiest dessert destination- The Brooklyn Creamery- where you don’t need to say no to your sweet tooth to say yes to your health. The best of both worlds is indeed possible!