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Veganism 101: An Introduction To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Veganism is no secret to the lifestyle world…and yet for so many, it remains a mystery. Many of us give ourselves a pat on the back for understanding the who, what, why, how of a vegan diet (“I know it’s ‘cause you hate dairy…I think”), but how many of us really know what veganism is?

A vegan diet is one that’s free of meat, dairy products, and eggs- basically, any items that are made using animal products. A vegan lifestyle is said to offer a number of advantages to the environment: it keeps animals from being raised for food, is said to benefit health and helps protect the environment. Of course, this is the simple textbook definition. Veganism is a vast subject, with many dos and don’ts, and many reasons to follow this lifestyle.


The Growth of Veganism

What was once stereotyped by a lot by people who didn’t understand it, veganism today is much more conventional, adopted by several celebrities and athletes. Many restaurants, fast food chains, and manufacturers are now looking beyond a meat-based, dairy-heavy menu and are instead exploring plant-based alternatives instead. Whether it’s plant-based snacks, desserts, and even junk food, veganism is taking the world by storm.


In the US alone, the vegan population increased by a whopping 600% from 2004-2018.


A vegan lifestyle isn’t limited to just food either- many companies making household products, beauty brands, and baby products are all adding plant-based, environmentally-friendly products to their portfolios. Around the world, there’s a strong focus on lifestyles that not only ensure individual health, but are environmentally-friendly as well.

So What Do Vegans Eat?

Vegans are very different from vegetarians (yes, this is a common mistake!), but do follow a vegetarian lifestyle with certain restrictions. Their diet is 100% plant-based, and they avoid dairy, meat, eggs, and other such items. However, there are plant-based alternatives to all these restricted items- plant-based milk (almond, rice, oat, coconut, soya), plant-based meats (made largely from soy), plant-based dairy products like vegan cheese, butter, ghee…and even dessert.


Even protein, which is largely a concern for people who avoid meat, can be sourced through vegan-friendly foods.





Image and Info Source: PETA


So What About Dessert?

Ah yes, the most important question. It’s a question that haunts many people on the cusp of veganism (or and hardcore vegans too!)- does choosing this lifestyle mean they have to end their romance with dessert?


The answer is…drum roll, please…a big, resounding no. And here’s where we, The Brooklyn Creamery, come in. We believe the absence of dairy has nothing to do with dessert. So whether you’re a vegan, a flexitarian, or a person considering veganism as a lifestyle- you can rest assured that you will never have to give up on dessert no matter what.

We have a wide range of ice creams and chocolate-coated bars for you to choose from, and get this. We make all our vegan ice creams with coconut milk, and no preservatives, or added sugar, or added colors. We keep them low on calories too, and use no artificial sweeteners whatsoever, because guess what? No compromises when it comes to your health!


Why Choose Our Vegan Desserts?


We never want to be a brand that makes you choose dessert but compromise on your health goals just because we are a dairy-free alternative. We’d rather be a partner, supporting your lifestyle and health goals, while keeping you happy at the same time.

FYI- here’s  our much-spoken about vegan range if you want to go forth and indulge. We’ve just launched two new amazing dairy-free chocobars too- Vegan Chocolate Therapy chocobars, and Vegan Acai Berry Banana chocobars for some ultimate dessert therapy!

So whether you’re into an overload of chocolate or want a berrilicious surprise, we have great chocobar options for you. Want to try something else? You can check out the rest of our vegan range too!




Remember, all lifestyles take some getting used to. And no matter what, you know what works best for you- so don’t let anyone else tell you what your lifestyle should be!