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Ice cream for breakfast? Make a vegan Acai Berry Bowl in less than 10 minutes!

Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day off right! But between the inevitable snoozing of the alarm and hurriedly getting ready for work, there’s barely any time left to whip up something healthy and fun for a brekkie that’ll keep you going till lunch time.

Many of us have, far too many times, have grabbed a protein bar or worse, have skipped breakfast altogether. But not anymore! We’ve created the most delish, insta-worthy, and healthy breakfast bowl recipe to start off those mornings the right way. Yes, it involves having ice cream for breakfast!

From dairy-free Acai Berry Banana ice cream to fresh berries, this bowl is brimming with fruit, flavour, low calories, and good health to charge you up for the day ahead. Our dairy-free Acai Berry Banana ice cream is made with coconut milk and contains no added sugar, so you can throw any guilt you may have out of the window!


For Cheesecake Filler

  • 1tub
    of our vegan Acai Berry Banana ice cream
  • 2
    dates (seedless)
  • 100gms
    frozen berries, roughly chopped
    Fresh fruit of your choice, sliced (strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, banana, etc.)
  • 1tsp
    Chia seeds (or flax seeds)
  • 1tsp
    almonds, chopped
  • 1tbsp
    sunflower seeds (pumpkin or watermelon seeds work as well)
    Few roasted hazelnuts/walnuts (optional- for garnishing)
    Few mint leaves (optional- for garnishing)


Take 450ml of our vegan Acai Berry Banana ice cream in a blender

Add dates and frozen berries.

Blend/churn on medium for 2 minutes, till the ice cream and berries are of a thick, smooth consistency.

Scoop out the dessert in a bowl.

Use a spatula to break the ice cream lightly, to ensure even blending.

Garnish with fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, and mint leaves. Serve chilled. Bon appetit!

Easy-peasy, right? This recipe creates a wholesome bowl of around 300ml, which is enough for two people.

So whether you’re living that dairy free life, or looking for dairy free alternatives to breakfast bowls, or simply want a healthy, low calorie breakfast recipe, our Breakfast Vegan Acai Berry Bowl is a great way to fuel your day with some fresh nomz. PS: It looks great on the ‘gram, too!

PS: It looks great on the ‘gram, too!